A Midnight Entry

Another late night rolled in just a moment ago and here I am. I do not know right now how long I have been on line yesterday yet. I looked and I have been on the computer a total of 4 hrs and 15 minutes yesterday online. EEEK! That is a lot and I have been on and off all day long. Anywy, this being another late night entry, will not be that terribly long but definitely NOT short. Anyway, I do not care.

I had a dream last night with my church friend and ride in it. It frightened me enough that it seemed real. I had awakened not remembering where I was and ran to the bathroom in a panic. Emilee was laying on my bed at my feet and she jumped down in a flash when I ran out of the room to the bathroom. I had scared her but we made amends right away when I returned. The dream seemed so real and frightening to me!

Friday and Saturday we had an air show happening and the planes in the air show were making a lot of noise flying around near the building I live in. In reality, it was not totally peaceful and quiet around here Friday and Saturday. I had talked to my surrogate Mom before 9 p.m. and she told me that the air show was over with at 5 p.m. Saturday so we will have peace and quiet from planes flying about. Now, from this day forward to a little after July 4th, I will also be hearing fireworks being shot off from neighbors here and there. Friday and Saturday night, before real late, I heard some good boomers. I can not sleep well when fireworks are being shot off either! That is why I have pulled a late nighter tonight. I will be going to bed at 1 a.m. when my two cartoon shows Kim Possiblle and The Proud Family are over. I have no reason to be getting up early in the morning on Sunday. I go to church on Saturday mornings becauuse I am an Adventist.

I am going to sign off for now and come back later.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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  1. I loved the picture you’ve posted on your blog. Thanks for sharing your entries with us and I wish you all the best in life.

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