July 8

I Really Like This Idea!
YOu may be asking the question…”What is she talking about with this idea on her mind? Well, I have decided to write one entry per day for the month of July and see if I like the idea for a while. It has been fantastic writing one entry per day for the past eight days…this being entry number 8. I like the idea of capping my thoughts and feelings in my private/personal journal for all of you to see. It has been growing well for me. The only drawback I have regarding only writing one entry per day is the fact that I want to write several different entries a day instead of one. But that has been fading as each day passes. I can always write elsewhere if need be. It has been great so far!! I am, at this point to keep it up.

I Forgot Who, But Does That Matter….Really?
I forgot what diary entry one of my diarist friends told me that she liked the new look here as far as redoing it for a summer look. Anyway, I like it myself and the thought from changing the outlook now is far from my mind right now. The “angel” look is always growing on me, too.

Last Night’s Entry
I had written a long entry last night — at a later time — making my night a late one, but I had fouled up pressing the wrong key or button on my keyboard, losing everything I had written. I had, with frustration, decided to write a shorter version of what my day was like, and it did not turn out so bad after all. Just frustration hit the fan last night. I was too tired to rewrite everything from scractch again. Anyway, that was yesterday and yesterday is now gone forever, We can not turn back time…

4 Blue Gill
To begin, the story about 4 blue gill will now begin. Today, wanting to get away from my place for a while, my friend Mark and I went fishing at a lake in Milton, Wisconsin, but Mark and I had to go to the DNR office to get my fishing liscense. I was NOT going to sit on the shore with Mark and watch him fish so I decided to get my fishing liscence today and went with him. I had caught 4 blue gill that were keepers and Mark caught a few but threw them back because they were too small. My fish were big enough to take home and have them cleaned to eat. I had FUN fishing today. In fact, it was “spur of the moment” fishing day for me. I had loads of fun this afternoon.

There Are Fireworks…
The 4th of July is now four days past now and neighbors are still shooting some of them off around the neighborhood. I have been wondering, since the 4th, how long it would be before “fireworks phased out until 2005”. I am getting of them even though last night I enjoyed them while at a cookout at my friend’s house at a birthday party gathering.

Getting Droopy
Remembering Droopy, the Looney Tunes dog? Well, even though I have more to say, I feel droopy and wanting to close my eyes for the night. LOL I will be going to bed shortly.

Liam Wayne
My friend Pam is a Grandma to a baby boy today! Pam’s daughter-in-law went into labor last night. Sara, the mother of the newborn, was going to be induced today, but Liam was ready to come on his own. No induce needed! Praise the Lord because I have heard that if you are induced, it could be unhealthy for the baby and the mother.

Welcome to the World, Liam Wayne!

Regarding Teamster Manor
That diary is fairly new yet and I am working on it off and on whenever I have something to write about regarding Teamaster Manor. Everything written in that journal are all true accounts and feelngs of the happenings around here at Teamster Manor. My diaries, all of them I have here, are my diaries and I wil write whatever I wish anywhere anytime. I have, though it is kind of hard, deckded to not care what other people think or say regarding anything I write anywhere anymore. Dear Diary will never be slammed by me and I will never say anything that is a lie anywhere either. If something is private, that will never be shared to my public EVER! In a-round-about-way, I am saying that I have something to be written there tonight tonight that is worth sharing, ok?

I Have Other Things To Do Before Retiring For the Night
With me being gone this morning and early afternoon, I have spent little time online today. It sure does feel good not being “glued” to the computer 24/7 now-a-days. I am TRYING to keep myself VERY busy and AWAY from my computer for hours on end. It is going on 10 p.m. here now and I have a couple of things to do online yet before retiring for the night, but I will finish my thoughts for the day before signing off in midstream. Let’s see if I hit the wrong key/button on my keyboard tonight! LOL I BEttER NOT! 🙂

Friday Night
I have plans to be with Kelly and Jimmy tomorrow night. YEAH! It has been some time now since I have been over there. I do not know if I wll be the only friend spending the night or not and in reality, I hope so. I want time with Kelly and Jimmy alone for a change. Kelly and Jimmy seem to have this one friend over a lot lately and for the past couple of weeks, I have been very uncomfortable around this friend for some reason. If this friend is there, I will be ok…AT LEAST I HOPE SO! 🙂 So I will write an entry for Friday on paper and update my journal sometime after Sabbath Saturday night when I return to my journa here. My friends do not have a computer yet and that is just fine. I would love another break away from my trusty computer here anyway. They are always nice — I mean these breaks from the computer are nice. LOL

This is a very long entry tonight. I am making for last night’s goof up I guess! LOL

Time to Say Good Night Y’all!
My eyelids are getting droopy more so now. I am going to say good night now and come back tomorrow before I leave for my counseling appointment and to Kelly and Jimmy’s place for the night. I will be back Saturday after church for sure. If the weather is decent, that is! Storms are creeping up around here a lot lately. Anyway, I have to go to my other diary before I forget what I wanted to write there. Good night y’all! Bye for now!

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3 Responses to July 8

  1. Good morning Kristi, Your day out at the lake and fishing sounded like a lot fun. Did you cook the fish for dinner?

    I was working in my back yard after we got home from our San Deigo trip painting my trellis when the wind blew a firework off the roof. It hit me in the head. I kept thinking, my goodness that could have caught my house on fire! I’m glad it’s over for another year.

    Have fun at Jimmy and Kelly’s tonight!

    Lots of love, Maggie

  2. Britani18 says:

    That was a long entry, but it was worth it. You got everything out you needed to say in one entry. I have been writing atleas two entries a day lately; that’s cool though more for you to read. Well, I hope you have a great time and I’ll see you again on Saturday.


  3. GoingUnder20 says:


    I like the layout, I think it looks good.

    Jeez you wrote a lot today, and I just decided to skim because I’ve been on the internet for WAY too long, lol. I hate when I do that, hahaha.

    Fireworks still going? Jeez, we are so passed that, hahahaha. Thats a long celebration!

    Congrats to Liam Wayne! Happy Birthday!

    Fishing is fun, specially when you actually catch fish. Thats cool you caught some and kept them. Now you can eat them! I dont eat fish, but I enjoy going fishing and catching fish for everyone else.

    Have a good weekend!


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