July 9

My Morning Plans Changed
I had awakened at 7:30 a.m. in the morning. A little after 8 this morning, I had gotten a call from Kelly with the question asked if I was dressed yet. I told her I was and she asked me to come over in the morning and go to my appointment from her place instead of waiting until after my appointment. I did not really jump to the idea at first and then thought it would not hurt since I have done it many times before already and I dud want to my place for a while. I was spending the night at Kelly and Jimmy’s again and I was getting a break away from my place and the apartment complex. I was looking forward to it. My morning plans to lay around until the 12:30 p.m. bus, go to my appointment and then to Kelly’s afterwards did not go as I first planned, but that is definitely ok. I enjoy being at Kelly and Jimmy’s everytime.

I am sitting at Kelly’s watching television when all of a sudden the sky darkened and it rained pretty hard. I had left the apartment to get to my appointment which was only three blocks away when I had gotten a call on my cell phone from my friend Mark. The rain had kind of stopped by then….then when I got past the Looking Glass Bar, the rain came down hard once again. Mark was only ten minutes away and I had asked himi if he would do an emergency pick up and take me to my appointment. With no hesitation, I was picked up and prayed that the rain would stop by the time I walked back to Kelly’s for the rest of the afternoon and night.

Kelly, Jimmy, and I had Spaghetti for supper. It was delicious and tasty. I ate every bite and took care of my dishes.

Two Friends
My two friends CN and JO have been having troubles in their relationship for a very long time. It took JO a lot of guts to say what she needed to say to our friend CN and the relationship ended to friends. I have to give JO and CN a lot of credit where it is due. I am very proud of JO for expressing her feelings.

Jimmy enjoys going to church with me so we went to bed after company had left for the night. We got to bed kind of late actually. It was funny. I went to bed at 2 a.m., Kelly did not fall asleep until after 3 a.m.. Jimmy laid down on the couch and was out before 2 a.m.. It was one long night but we all needed to be there for our two friends CN and JO and support them through their ordeal.

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