July 12

My Thoughts Now
I have decided to write in my journal a little early today and when I write more, it will be at another place. All is good here but I have been very busy so far today and it is not yet noon, lol. It will be noon in ten minutes or so though, lol. I am going to do a load of laundry sh9rtly and get myself ready for that. I am pretty busy otherwise. I hope that everyone is doing good. This entry will be updated shortly…so do not worry. I will not leave you entirely at this time since this is so short. I am not going to leave everyone hanging at this point.

4:30 p.m. Thoughts
Not much is going on right now. I will be leaving shortly for Vacation Bible School (VBS). I hope we have children to do the program for and with. I am looking forward to it greatly…to get into something and get away from here for a couple of hours. I am going to be in charge of the snacks at snaack time. So I really do not have a lot to say right now. I can always come back later when I get back from church and rested.

Getting Caught Up With Dear Diary Reading
I feel I have gotten caugt up with Dear Diary reading of other diarists (friends) diaries. I really enjoy reading all the diaries I am notified about. I have seen some real good writers with feelings, thoughts and happenings. I am just glad to enlighten my spirits with other writers’ thoughts of the day. Good luck everyone!!

Is This Idea Working
My idea of writing one entry per day seems to be going just fine but it can be one hard time sometimes. I am just glad I have other places to write my thoughts down at.

4:51 p.m.
It is almost time for me to go to church so I am going to sign off for now. In order to read more of my thoughts, please go to my personal websiite at Kristi’s Website and look for Kristi’s Public Journal under Journals. That is where it is at. I have to run now. Have a great night everyone!

A Quick Reminder
I want to remind my “friends” about my Public Journal. Please go there after my one entry per day has been posted. Thank you.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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2 Responses to July 12

  1. GoingUnder20 says:


    Have fun at VBD!


  2. I just wanted to say hello. I too enjoy reading the diary writings of my friends. I too have trouble making one entry per day! 😉

    God bless.

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