July 18

An Early Entry Today
It is before noon here in Wisconsin and I wanted to write early today and let it go for the day. Today is going to be a “lazy” day for me. The weather is 68 degrees and nothing much happening right now. I am watching movies all day and going to stay in my pajamas all day long and take a bath/shower later on. Right now, anyway, I have some thoughts that need to be aired and put into words because I am in need to get my feelings out in the open before they fester and cause me some kind of grief for the rest of the day and drive me crazy.

Did I Or Didn’t I?
Last night, while talking to Kelly, she told me that there were times I snapped at her friend who has been snippy with me a lot lately. She did not tell me until now because she just didn’t. Anyway, with this friend being the way she is most of the time, I wonder if I really snapped at this person or it is just words coming out now. I do not want to not believe the one person I care so deeply about either so I wonder if I really did and if I did, I do not remember it…

There Are Times I Wish Not To Talk To A Particular Someone
My acquaintence called me yesterday and today. There are times I wish not to talk to her for personal reasons of not wanting to talk to her or listen to her. I want my space from her. She called a few minutes ago and when I noticed it was her, I let my voice mail pick up her message if she left one. she did leave one but I deleted it immediately because I just wanted to be left alone. I do not feel comfortable right now talking to her at this point for some reason. My life is different now and I have been working on my weaknesses to make them stronger and I have room to work on one at a time and my acquaintence is not on the list just yet. I will get to her soon.

I Had To Reboot My Computer
This morning, with no viruses on my computer, I had to, after turning on my modem, reboot my computer because none of the pages were coming up. It was frustrating but I remembered to reboot my computer to get the modem to work again. It worked fine after rebooting my computer. I have to remember to reboot my computer if I turn off the modem at night when my computer is on all night long. LOL

Thank You For Your Comments Everyone!
All the comments left from day to day, I would like to thank you for leaving them. It is so kind of you. Please come again!

Time to Say Good Bye For the Day
I am going to sign off here for the day now. I am all talked out, lol. If there are any more journal entries written, please visit my public journal at your leisure. I may be posting more later there. Good bye for the day. Hope everyone has a good day today!

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2 thoughts on “July 18”

  1. *~Kristi~*

    If you did snip at her and dont remember, then I would apologize anyway and say that you dont remember, which is the truth. Then have her maybe explain when you snipped at her and why it made her snip at you. You’ll figure it out, and everything will be ok.

    Today is a lazy day for me also. I dont have any plans and dont plan on doing much. I will get dressed and go to Roberts, but I am sure I wont do much except watch him work on his truck.

    I have the same thing where I dont want to deal with certain people and its not on my ‘to do’ list to talk to them or figure anything out with them. Just take things a step at a time like you’ve been doing.

    Sometimes I have to reboot my computer too because its slow and wont work. It does it sometimes even when I turn everything off. Computers…lol.

    Have a great sunday!


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