July 19

Getting Things Done!
It is going on 12 noon. I had turned my television off at 10 a.m. and decided to get things done around here. My mom and stepfather will be in town sometime next week and I will be going up north the last weekend of this month and there is no way I am going to allow my mother to see my apartment in such a disarray if I can help it. I have been making progress but slowly today. The weather, strangely enough is cloudy at the moment but we are expecting isolated t-storms in this area later. Might as well get online as often as I can while the weather is decent enough. I have dishes soaking in the sink right now and I am trying to get the gumption to get up and do them before it gets any later. I think I am going to that right now. Be back shortly!

Back From Doing Dishes and Lunch
It is after 12 noon now. Dishes are done and lunch has been eaten.

My Morning At Home
My morning at home has been very good so far. Not lazy! I got up, got dressed, and decided to do some picking up. I do not think I put a dent in a lot but it is looking a little better. My poor kitchen table has a dent in it anyway and I am beginning to see it again. Honestly…it gets a lot of papers, mail, junk added onto it and it is just a junk grabber, lol. At least I can see the table now somewhat. My morning at home has been both working and relaxing. Tomorrow is another day of cleaning, no if’s, ands, or but’s about it, lol! No time to be lazy.

Progress on Kelly W
Kelly is doing fine. She is in some pain and tired a lot. She has an appointment on Thursday. She feels that the reason she is tired all the time is because of the fact that she has been laying around to recover and she is not used to that at all. She does not have anything physical going on right now because of the surgery. We shall see what the doctor has to say this Thursday at her doctor’s appointment. I hope everything is okay! Let’s pray for her for good doctor check up results, please…

My Afternoon At Home
Let me put it this way…I was in and out all afternoon here but still in the building. One of the neighbors was getting a newer couch (used) and had her other couch removed from her apartment. The couch, unfortunately, has seen better days of the twenty-something years she had it. The feet of the couch were either coming off or lose from its use, and mainly…it is in the garbage today. Her newer (used but very nice) couch looks fantastic in her living room. It is amazing. On top of helping a neighbor, I cleaned off my kitchen table and threw away a lot of garbage that no longer was needed. It is amazingly wonderful to see the kitchen table again!, lol Now, I can enjoy the rest of the afternoon and evening here at home with my place shaping up again! YES!

Isolated Thunderstorms Coming Our Way!
The idea of a t-storm coming our way does not sound so bad but the bad part of having a storm is the fact of being on line or on my computer during a storm. I think, at this time, I will get to the end of my entry and shut things down for the evening and night. Right now, fortunately, the weather just looks cloudy for now but tonight shows isolated t-storms. Again, the area I live in may not be hit by a storm but I am NOT going to take any possible chances right now.

Glad To See This Day Close
Strangely as it seems, I am glad to see this day close and see a new day come in in a short few hours. I had a fairly busy day doing some chores and helping a neighbor with moving and removing a couch from her apartment. I even visited with this neighbor with another neighbor for a while. It was pretty much a perfect day and so I am glad to see this day draw to a close. Even right now, feeling so good, I burned some incense in my apartment and it smells like a pine forest in here deleting all the possible smells of the entire apartment for the time being. I even burned some smelling candles it was a pleasant afternoon here at home. Oops, I even missed today’s episode of Strong Medicine that was first on some time ago! LOL That is how busy I have been today.

Good Night
I think I said plenty today. Time for me to say good night to all of my friends for the night. Bye for now.

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3 Responses to July 19

  1. GoingUnder20 says:


    We are also expecting isolated t-storms. It was just thudering a little while ago, but has since stopped and also stopped raining.

    I know what you mean about a table just grabbing for the mail. Thats where all our mail goes and if it cant get on there, it goes in other places. Naturally you cant even see our table due to all the junk on it. LoL

    Hope all goes well at the doctors office for Kelly. She’ll be up and running in no time!

    Have a good night!


  2. Britani18 says:

    You really have had a busy day. I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow. Your friend will be in my thoughts and prayers.


  3. Are you excited about having your Mom and Stepdad visit? I love it when my folks come.

    I always feel so good after I’ve cleaned everything really well. And, I love incense! Cinnamon and vanilla are my favorites.

    I’ll be praying for Kelly and hoping that everything goes well for her.

    You have truly had a fullfilling day. I hope tomorrow is just as good.

    Nighty night…Maggie

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