July 20

Yesterday I went to call my family in Arkansas but the number they had was disconnected and a new number came up. I was totally confused as to what happened or even why. I knew nothing bad happened to my Arkansas family but for some reason my anxiety took the best of me for the retire night. I had called my dad on his cell phone to find out what happened and we talked briefly and then he said he would call me back, but he didn’t. I called him back earlier today and found out that Dad, Sandy (my step mom), and Kelsey (younger sister) moved to a house on a lake. It was a surprise to me because it happened so fast and I did not know that Dad was looking at another house and had the house in Bentonville, Arkansas up for sale. I had learned from Sandy, earlier in the afternoon, that it happened within a span of time of a month. I am very happy for my family though.

Kelly Sticks Up For Me
No Skin Off My Nose, LOL
The way Kelly’s friend MJ is acting is “no skin off my nose” regarding the way she has been acting whenever I am around. Today, without going into detail about what Kelly said, Kelly defended for me once more when she talked to MJ about how she was acting. I too, thanks to Kelly’s quick thinking and kind words, talked to me about me acting around MJ so the problem does go in both directions in reality. I just can not get over how MJ is acting and it is getting pretty silly in my opinion. Honestly, with all the teasing and treatment I got as a young girl and still get as an adult, I can not understand some things as to why people treat me like I am a piece of dirt. I am a human being — even for those who do not see me as a human being — who does have feelings and does try to be friends with good people. I just think that MJ is just acting childish and mean more than I care to see or wish to feel. It is like, no matter how much it may hurt me, it is a waste of my time feeling the way I feel trying to be friendly to her. Is MJ jealous? I hope not! I will not get between MJ and Kelly in their relationship … NEVER! Kelly stuck up for me again today! Thanks!!!

A Hot Day!
It has been a hot, muggy day all day long. For the first time today, which isi after 9:30 p.m., I have found relief in coolness. It was hot all over this apartment complex today. I do not know what the temperature was earlier this morning and afternoon, but it is now in the 70s. It was just hot and muggy all day long! Yuck!

Napped Today
Because of the heat, I napped a little bit. My phone rang more today than it ever has for the past three weeks but that’s ok. I did not mind it one bit. I had a good nap too and I dreamt about my Dad’s new place on the lake in Arkansas and it was a beautiful place. Then…strangely enough, I was awakened by the ringing of my phone.

Mary Kay Update
Not much has happened but I am still gathering customers at this time. I do have two customers so far buying products. You can go to My Mary Kay Website anytime you wish. The link is in the header of my journal here as well if anyone is interested in buying from me. I live in the state of Wisconsin but I will take customers from anywhere if you wish to e-mail me from my Mary Kay website anytime. My mother, who does not have a personal website herself and I are on the same Mary Kay team, which is called unit, and I really enjoy the products Mary Kay has. I am still looking for customers and the business I conduct will be professional and yet personal. Please come by! Have a great day! I am going to make the best and most of my newfound business selling Mary Kay. You will be a satisfied customer.

Looking at Things Positively
Maturity does go a long when it comes along. It even helps when things are down. My entry, Kelly Sticks Up For Me No Skin Off My Nose was just getting my feelings out in the open once again. But that is not the reason for the title being Looking At Things Positively anyway. I have had some issues regarding a couple of people who happen to my neighbors where I live and it took some time to get around to thinking about how I could get along without feeling anger or harsh feelings. I do not have to have the two people as “friends” but I will always be kind to them and pleasant to them is what I once thought which made me feel like I had an attitude about them. I later thought, which is a part of maturity, thought that I can be more than civil to them. I am still working on part of my thinking process but I have come a long way. I am speaking to the two neighbors pleasantly and being with them, and I even asked one of them to take care of Emilee while I am visiting family at the end of the month.

I will be getting together with my friend MEE in the morning. I will be going for a ride to Illinois with him in the morning and then he will come over and see Emilee for a while. I have a tear in my futon cover and he is going to help me flip the mattress over so I do not have to see the tear or worry about it as I have been lately, lol

Time To Say Good Night
I will be going places tomorrow so bed time is real close. I am going to say good night and God bless for the night and come back tomorrow sometime if the weather is good enough for me to be online a while. Good bye everyone!

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