July 26

Rumor or Gossip?
That is one thing I hate where I live today. It is just, whatever it is – gossip or rumor – hurtful. Anyway, upon hearing from another tenant that the person I did ask to take care of Emilee has said that she was going to charge me $80 to take care of my cat just floored me. I did not know how to react to it except surprise and disappointment. Anyway, how I heard about the “talk” was throough another tenant and not through the person I had asked to take care of my Emilee Cuddles. I felt, because I was hurt and disappointed, and I did react to the situation immaturely, I had to take care 0f the situation the best I could and had a mediator there while I talked to Catie because I felt so uncomfortable talking about it alone. Despite the fact I had acted immaturely about the situation by asking someone else to take care of Emilee, I was not going to allow Catie to take care of Emilee this time around for reasons that I could not yet explain. While talking to Catie about what I heard and how I heard it I realized that my heart was pouring out the pain and the truth of how I had heard what she was planning. She said that she thought of the payment herself when in reality I know differently because Catie is so easily influenced by people with more power of control. That is what hurts me the most in reality and the fact that I had learned of what Catie said through someone else by rumor and gossip. During the conversation I was having with Catie she should have not said anything so it reality she knew that what she said did get around. I was not happy to hear that but she did tell the truth. It was how I heard it and that was more hurtful. I can not believe that I became the product of such rumor and gossip. I am not at all happy about that at all – no way happy!

Mom and Lonnie
They arrived to Wisconsin late last night and Mom called this morniing. I saw them for a while this afternoon, too. Mom and Lonnie drove over here after running an errand or two. They did not stay long but that is ok. I will be seeing them, more wanting to be with my mom, over the upcoming weekend for four days at the family gathering up north. Anyway, my parents arrived safely! YES!

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