Seeing My Dad

My dad and I got together for a while and had a good time. We had lunch at a nearby restaurant, chatted and did some talking about this and that. It turned out to be fine visit. Sandy and Kelsey are coming home from visiting New York this weekend and then they will be heading home to Arkansas to get their new home a good, new look. I did not see my sister and stepmom but I know they’re fine and doing well. I will next year! I garauntee that! So I had some personal time with my dad and I enjoyed it greatly!

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3 thoughts on “Seeing My Dad”

  1. *~Kristi~*

    Must be nice to have a dad in your life. I never talk or see my dad for various reasons. Sad… Anyway glad you got the chance to see and talk to your dad, thats a really good thing.


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