8 p.m. Entry

My day, as soon as I got home from Kelly and Jimmy’s, has been a laid back one. I fell asleep in the early afternoon and awoke a little after 7 p.m.. A very good friend of mine had called another friend of mine telling her that I seemed depressed to her. I told this friend of ours I was not depressed or anything and I would not be lying about it. I am just tired from a lazy day, lol. I told Kelly thank you for her concern and call. I will be talking to Kelly later.

A question came up a moment ago. Why would I be depressed? I have no reason to be down and low. I have a job, a life, school will be starting shortly (in a couple of weeks for me), I have plans to be with JO tomorrow for a movie. We are going to see Princess Diaries 2 tomorrow! Yeah! JO and I will be taking her neice with her which will be nice. I do appreciate my friends concern, though. I think that is real great to have such great friends as JO, Kelly and Jimmy, and Jo’s boyfriend CN, and BR, and others. What are friends for? Good company and fun!

I will be up for a while yet so I will try to come and write more. I am active and on line for a while now. I think I am going to go play a game of Gin for a bit. Bye for now…

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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