Last Entry of the Night

This is going to be the last entry of the night — unless I get the urge to write again before retiring to bed for the night. I took a pill to help me relax and so it will be kicking in shortly — hopefully.

Anyway, it has been a fairly good day — a quiet one at home most of the day except in the morning of course. A neighbor, Linda, came by earlier in the afternoon before 4 p.m. to drop off a paper and visit for a short while. She was going to see our good friend Greg for a while. I have not heard from her since she had left and come back but I will tomorrow sometime when she brings the paper. Now, with the day drawn to its close, I am now in my pajamas and ready to sack out when the medicine I took takes affect. I had to open the window in my livingroom to let a breeze in. It is only 51 degrees and a beautiful breeze has come and played its game the past couple of days. Silly me went out wearing shorts yesterday!! LOL I remember that now! WOW! Emilee has had her time to herself all day long and now has come into the livingroom to make her presence known. I hope she is ok now, lol. She did not want anything to do with me most of the day but when Linda dropped by, she was all over her, lol. She, Emilee is a good kitty at the age of 14 years old! WOW!

Good Night Y’all!
It is time for me to go from here and come back tomorrow. I have a cat on the desk blocking my motion of movement right now. It is time for me to really go. Boy, the breeze from outdoors feels so good when it hits my face and feet below! WOW! What a beautiful day today turned out to be even though it was cloudy and horribly cool out for a summer August day, Now, with Emilee NOT blocking my motion of movenent, I can breathe a little easier now, lol. Well, anyway, I better sign off and come back tomorrow. You might see my in an hour and a half from now, too! Who knows! Bye for now. Good night y’all!

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