I am going to quickly write an entry and then go to bed for the night. I have school in the morning and afternoon, and I need to be fully rested for that.

Today’s Reminder
I remember it is someone’s birthday today. But because of some problems that have arisen in the past, I have been unable to wish her a happy birthday. It really hurts my heart to know that this one person, who I thought was a friend, would have allowed her husband to come between us as much as he has. I can not love a person who has treated me or anyone so badly. I can’t. My heart does ache for this one person to find God in his life, but he is so stubborn and bullheaded…I can not stand him or even face him. He thinks he knows everything and doesn’t, lol. What a jerk! How can I love this one person?

Today was a good day, though. Got some studying done. YEAH!

Good night
I have to say good night everyone! Bye for now.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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