It is Labor Day morniing after 1 a.m. and YES I am still up. I have been up for a very very long time. I ended up taking a nap yesterday afternoon which made my sleeping pattern a little different but I am going to bed after writing this entry. Anyway, I just wanted to let my DD friends know that I am doing great and school is going smoothly at this time. I ended up working on an assignment to be handed in Tuesday from Saturday evening to Sunday afternoon and finally got it done. It took a while and I am happy that it is finished. It was one of the toughest homework assignments I had to do in accounting 1 so far and I survived it just fine. It took a lot of power out of me but I did wake up from sleeping and thinking numbers all night long, LOL

I wish I could write more now but I am having to hold off on writing more because I am getting tired and need to go to bed so I can get up and ready for my day of easier homework and studyinig, and supper at a friend’s place. i am very excited about school at this time as well that I may be on my second wind right now at this time. I have to go. Good night and God bless you all!

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