It Has Been A While

It has been a while since I last wrote in my journal. Time seems to be rolling by very quickly these days now that school is in full swing and homework is due every class period. It has been somewhat unusual for me to be not writing in my journal everyday but school taking my time away from any computer alone time, it is not everyday I write. Today, not feeling disconnected to the world around me, I feel very disconnected to my writing, journaling, and reading other entries. Time flies by rather quickly these days. I have survived the past five weeks of classes – this being the 6th week now. YEAH!

Right now, taking a break from homework, I am taking the time to write in my journal quickly before going back to homework due Thursday so I do not feel totally behind in everything that is due. I did just fine on homework for last Thursday’s Spreadsheets class. I did very well.

Time for me to go back and do some homework. Bye for now.

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