What Has Been On My Mind Lately…

Sometimes I wonder what goes on in my mind and what is on my mind these days. Since I am in school, homework, studyiing, reading textbooks, and doing computer work has been on my mind a whole lot since August 23, 2004 when school resumed for the semester. Also, since I took a test in Accounting 1 a week ago today, I have wondered if I passed or need to retake it even though i balanced. It has been school, school, school these days and it is driving me wild tonight. In fact, I came home to work on a homework assignment I have yet not finished for tomorrow’s Accounting 1 class and learned that I had an incorrect account and WAS NOT balancing like I hoped, but after talking to a couple of students on the phone, I had found my errors in a jiffy. I did not get the assignment done until after 5 p.m. and even then, I could not totally breathe a breath of freshness that I really wanted. I was so frustrated earlier today. Now a half an hour before thinking about going to bed, I can actually relax and feel good about getting my past due homework done for Accounting 1 to hand in for class grade. We are already gearing towards the 2nd test next Thursday on October 7th. WHEW a lot on my mind right this minute and I feel I am about ready to wheel myself on out of here for a while, lol.

Do I Want a Relationship With A Man?
Lately I have seen some cute men my age or younger. It is driving me wild, too. I have not been thinking about having a boyfriend in my life because I am not ready for a relationship with a man right now due to the fact that my schooling is more important right now. Anyway, my ex-boyfriend was jerk enough to turn me off having a relationship at this moment but my eyes are seeing the cute men around me at school, lol. I have been, strangely enough, been remembering about how the relationship was with my ex-boyfriend RR turned out at the end to where I had to get the power I was losing back so I can be happy again. I find having a loving relationship with a man is something I wish not to have for a long time. I will love all my man friends as sisters do brothers in Christ. RR has really turned me off wanting a serious, steady, loving relationship beyond friends. He turned out to be a total jerk and a control freak. I wish he would just leave this city and state and never come back. He is not wanted here anymore in my heart. He turned me completely off! He is a creep and a liar!!!

Now I said It
Now with bedtime closer, I have said what has been on my mind lately. A lot of one thing and a little of another. My world is breathing school, studying, homework, reading textbooks, church study for Sabbath School, eating, sleeping, and breathing some fun with friends. I have NOT written a whole lot lately and soon that will change.

Good Night
Time to say good night for tonight. Everyone sleep well!

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1 thought on “What Has Been On My Mind Lately…”

  1. Kristi, don’t let one bad apple ruin the whole bunch. There are jerks out there. I think we’ve all experience those but there are also a lot of wonderful men out there. You won’t know until you open up and try again. If it’s been on your mind maybe you’re ready to experience the joys of another relationship. Good luck…

    Hugs, Maggie

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