WIll This Be A Short Entry Or A Long One

It iis a little after 9 p.m. on a Sunday night here in Wisconsin. Emilee just showed herself after having a long cat nap in the bedroom. She was pretty much the cat who wanted to be left alone. She barely talked or saw me all day long today, lol. She must have needed a mom-free day. Anyway, I am GLAD to see her now and have her sitting on the computer desk watching me type. Did you know that she is sitting on my Accounting textbook? LOL – A strange ol’ cat I tell ya.

This morning I woke up feeling moody and not myself for some reason. I still feel so out of it and weird. I am expecting my lovely little period shortly – a few days or so from now. I feel kind of bloated right now. I had awakened feeling moody and off to the point I had to call my surrogate mom and tell her I was feeling not myself for some reason or another. Emilee just jumped down to the floor so she is back to doing her own thing once again. I am feeling a bit better from my so-called moody day. I want to go to bed now but don’t dare to or I will not sleep well through the night. Another thing I noticed was the fact that I slept on the futon all night long after sleeping on the bed in my bedroom for four straight nights.

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4 thoughts on “WIll This Be A Short Entry Or A Long One”

  1. *~Kristi~*

    The one thing I dont miss, is my period. 9 months without a period. Pregnancy is beautiful and ugly at the same time. Because what you dont have (your period) makes up with numerous other things.

    Anyway cats are so funny sometimes. Thats why I love them.


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