Please Do Not Be Offended

What I had written before this entry, I just want to let you all know that I am not here to offend or hurt others. I was just reviewing some things in my thought process and wanted to finish my thought from the other day. Some days, like everyone else, I do not write so well and other days I write just fine. I have been picked on, teased in a bad way, and snubbed by too many people in so many years to when I could remember. I just wanted everyone to know that my heart is kind and can be hardened in a second towards certain people these days. I am not a faucet that is turned on and off all the time but if the wrong buttons are pushed, I know I can be a different person no matter what. I have had a lot of heck in my life that is not always happy. I deal with a lot of emotional turmoil around me and I am very susceptible to change no matter where I go. I will NOT be hurt by anyone anymore. I have learned to walk away from this and that but yet still have a soft heart from time to time. I do not live in a happy world all the time just like veryone else. I do have feelings too!

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