Remember the Other Day

Remember the other day when I mentioned about viruses and hackers? Even my surrogate Mother talked to me about spilling my guts out on the internet for the whole world to see. Ever since I wrote my last entry, which was of words — words now I am somewhat confused. No one has held a gun to my head in saying the words I did but when I wrote my thoughts down, it was kind of late and I was getting very tired and I believe I was rambling on and on about this and about that — making very little sense, lol. Now, a couple of days later, ( am awake and it is in the afternoon and tiredness is not founded at the monent, I can actually write my thoughts down more sensibly and readable. LOL Well, anyway, getting back to the fact of my surrogate mother wondering why I spill my guts on the internet for the whole world to see, I realized that she is right and that I am entitled to my feelings and thoughts sa well. My surrogate Mom, a wonderful woman she is, is right because of the fact that anytime I or anyone spills their guts in a journal – whether it is personal or made public like at Dear Diary here, we are opening up to big possibikities that could be both good and not so good. Everyone is entitled to write their feelings and do whatever they wish to do with their writings. I even take the time to write my thoughts and feelings for the whole world to see too. Writing in a journal really helps me gather myself together from something not so good to something better, and sometimes writing in a journal does not do me any good. I have figured out why that is so too. It is so because of the fact of what I write from time to time. I know when I am attacked or not by someone we all know and by others we do not know. People are people who are entitled to their feelings no matter what.

My surrogate mother is in her 70s as well and so all the computers and some other gadgets that modernized our time is something she did not grow up with like I did. I am 34 years old so all the computer stuff and other fantastic gadgets that help this world — cell phones being one we talked about as well — do not find anything wrong with all the new stuff that is being built or made. I do agree, strongly though, that there are people who do use computers for the wrong reasons. I have a cell phone but do not use it unless I have to or to make long distance calls after 9 p.m. or on the weekends. I really enjoy my cell phone because if anything happens and I am stuck somewhere, when the reception is good or fair, I can call someone to come get me out of a jam every now and then. I limit my daytime calling on my cell phone when I am away from home. It is nice to have a phone with me — that’s for sure! My computer has been victim to the bad things bad people do to computers because of their anger for some reason or another. Some people, strangely enough, feel the anger and want others, victims some people call us or people not known, to feel their pain by destroying our happiness as well. I do not know how many times last year alone I had to scan my computer for viruses and get them off. The one virus that annoyed me big time was the Lovesan virus that was spread through to our DSL’s company. AFter I got the virus cleaned off and my computer in functional mode again, I went to school and learned the same virus had found its way to all the networked computers there and I had sympathy with all those computer techs who had to deal with ALL of the computers. That is why I know people use computers for bad as well as good. Now, my surrogate Mom knows I would never use my computer for anything but wrting in my journal here, e-mails, research, and school. I have no desire to do bad things and ruin the lives of friends and total strangers like some people.

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