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I live in a very nice apartment complex as far as looks and size, but the people who live here are not all nice. In fact, knowing a few of the neighbors here, I will not associate with because of their background or how they look at me as a person. Being a young woman, treated like dirt by some of the people here, I have the right to live where I do because I am disabled enough to have disability money come to me monthly and I am in a nice place. Some people here Do NOT make it a nice place. We have a nice room for tenants to sit and visit, and I will not go in there often because I do not like it there all the time. I wish the games here would stop and those who have caused trouble and problems here would leave and see what it is like to be treated like dirt themselves but no one is willing to volunteer their lives in that way. Here, not a volunteer myself, fell victim to tenant wrath and cruelty from time to time. All because I am good friends with another tenant here, I am looked upon as an ugly person and that hurts my heart badly and all I want in this whole world is peace and safety. I even felt the flack from my ex-boyfriend and had to get him out of my life in order to be happy for myself and return back to myself before he tried his hardest to get rid of me controlling my own life. No one will control my life or they are history and will not be spoken to again. I will only pray for those people! I even do not feel comfortable being close friends to another tenant here because of what happened over a year that caused a good friend of mine to leave this place and not be able to come back. That is how cruel some people are around here. sometimes I can not leave my apartment because I feel I am being watched or listened to. WHAT A WORLD!!!!

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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