Today being ELECTION DAY, it really has gotten me going in my mind, “why bother” attitude. I voted and my feelings about voting is like a waste of time to me. I am not in politics like I should be. I am not political like I should be I guess. I did vote foor what I understand and have listened to throughout the debates and such and I stand by what and why I voted the way I did. Anyway, being VOTING DAY, I kept getting calls from the Democratic side and it was numerous and it drove me crazy. I wanted to turn off my phone for the day but I knew I needed to have my phone on for my friends who call me on a regular basis. I am not sure, even though my vote will count, if the party I voted for, which will be kept private, if one vote will even count with the whole world voting one way or another. I do not care if people vote Republican or Democratic and when I said that having the Democratic side calling me all day long was driving me crazy DOES NOT MEAN I voted for the Republican side — for Bush/Chaney (sp?)

my day consisted of the phone ringing and computer internet time, television watching, reading, and napping. It is late but late does not matter anymore these days now that I am not in school anymore this Fall and intend to not return next semester. I am going to become a Mary Kay consultant full-time as sales is my forte — NOT ACCOUNTING!!! I am glad that it is now close to a new day to begin. Yes, it is almost midnight here in wisconsin – at 11:53 p.m. Tuesday night. I have no set plans for Wednesday at this time but I plan to be at K & J W’s Thursday night to Friday morning because KAW wants me to spend the night. I was going to spend the night Wednesday but plans for Thursday for JW had changed and I am not needed.

It is late and I am going to go for now. Good night and God Bless.

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