Today has been a very good day. I am over at KAW’s and JW’s for the night once again. KAW had a very busy day today and JW wanted my company and have me spent the night. While KAW was at school and JW was at work, I went over to JW’s mother’s house to have a perm done to my hair and then go back over to their apartment for the rest of the night. Not much has happened since JW and I were back to the apartment except the fact both of us took a nap for a bit, missing JW’s mother come over with a baby. I also took the time to upgrade my KAW’s computer to Internet Explorer 6 earlier today so she could view yahoo pages. It was fun getting that all set up for her. It is part of her birthday present from me since her birthday is in a few days. Anyway, a little before 10 p.m., and KAW not home yet from her workshop, JW is napping on the couch and JLT watching television. In fact, I better get back to company. Bye for now.

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