My Day Today

My day was very quiet all day long. Phone did not ring much. My friend KAW called after 2 p.m. this afternoon and I thought she wasn’t going to be home until later but learned quickly that my Wednesday and Thursday was turned around, lol. I am feeling pretty good but the gloomy weather has come to a point in my life that is somewhat depressing unless I have something planned like I did Monday and Wednesday. I have become a hermitess to some degree and will not go out unless I really have to and tomorrow I have a counseling appointment in the afternoon. It is too late to cancel it now and I won’t even though I do not want to go outdoors in gloomy, gray weather unless I have to. I hate winter with a passion believe it or not. LOL I have a reason to get up early and look nice for the day. Now that my perm is going to be a week old tomorrow, there is no excuse for making my hair look great no matter where I go or stay home. I love the perm but not the snarls that come with my hair type. LOL

Earlier this evening I had watched a television commercial regarding the holidays and believe me, I am already getting depressed about it because of the fact that holiday commercials and music is out even before Thanksgiving even comes into play. Thanksgiving is two weeks away and Christmas commercials is already out! Somewhat depressing believe me! I am going to be seeing family for the Christmas holiday and that is not the depressing part of it anyway and thankfully…whew!!

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