Time Has Passed Again!

I would like to say “sorry” because I have been away for a while. Today, after a little absence from writing, I am back tonight at 1 a.m. Saturday morning. The past week has been a devilish time for me emotionally and somewhat physically. I do not deny that depression has been a part of my absence and Thursday, Friday, and now, I have dealt with the flu bug in this house again! It really stinks…honestly. I feel somewhat weak and I threw up more than once during this flu bug and it is driving me crazy…very crazy. I have been depressed, yes! It really stinks to be down and disappointed about one thing and another – adding up to something that is one BIG mess. In fact, a good friend of mine and I really got into it more than once this week and it practically drove us crazy. We did not go to bed angry at each other on both issues that drove us to where we ended up, but honestly, I thought the friendship was going to be gone for sure this time, but we did not want our friendship on hold! No way…we would have wasted a lot. We act more like sisters than we do close friends we have learned and that is pretty cool in my eyes. Anyway, feeling better emotionally now but physically drained. I am surprised that I am able to write this much in my diary tonight. Well gang, gotta run and I will write more when I feel 100% better. Right now, I feel I am 30% better from the dratted flu I have now. It is a pain…believe me. Gotta run. Good night, yawn, I feel so horrible!!!!

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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