Today being a Frday, it sure does not feel like one, lol! Here I am at home, been showered and dressed for several hours now, with nothing much to do. Earlier today, my friend LD dropped by to give me picturees of myself and my cat, and some read newspapers she reads before I get them,. Today has been fairly quiet here with the television on and I surfing the web off and on. Mainly, my surfing the web has been playing a game of ping pong or some game at Yahoo Games. I was going to chat with a friend on Yahoo messenger but she called before our tenative date to chat and said she was going to lay down for awhile so chatting has been put on hold for the time being. we will later. Not much going on really – just a lazy day for me in reality – especially for a Friday afternoon at3 p.m.. Not much of nothing going on. Andy Griffith is on television TV Land right now – just got done watching Hunter and Bonanza – two of my favorite programs on television these days. The stuff they have on television these days are pretty much junky and stupid. Mostly reality TV whic I do not care to watch for personal reasoons not explained to anyone. Television has become a sore these days in my life. I am ok though. I still watch a lot of it, lol. It is addictive just as the internet is these days and years. I do not know how many years I have the access to the internet but I have had a total of three service providers since I began surfing the web. Those services were and are Inwave, Ticon, and SBC DSL (now). I cannot tell you which is the best because I did enjoy Ticon as well and Inwave to some degree. DSL is faster these days, yeah! Honestly today is a lazy day for me – more lazy than the rest of this week already passed and played.

I personally do not know what in the world has gotten into me the past three days of my need to have vented as much as I did. I was having one of those weeks of questions and feelings needed to be let go before going to bed. I really do not have explain why, either. It is no one’s business but my own anyway, lol. My world, in a personal fashion, was definitelly invaded, and it still does feel invaded to some degree yet. I am still scared of the neighbor bringing up some topics that are very senstive to my ears and heart, even though I do like this neighbor, and in reality (assumption) I think others around here do not like her too well. She is not a very private person but private enough to be respected and cared about. I think my privaacy was invaded with this tenant vut I do not know just yet. Haven’t fished out the answer yet, thankfully. I still feel a little restless and uncmofortable for some odd reason. I know that religion and relious beliefs are touch subjects and that can raise flags in me in a snap. I am still not over what happened and I cannot let go of it very easily. What a world I live in. Not ALWAYS pleasant, is it? Nope!

No one in my immediate family know that I have withdrawn from school entirely and I thnk they are about to know soon because I cannot hide it much longer. I was not happy there anymore and my happiness was being downed by too many diappointments there and I hated the grading one of the instructors did anyway. IT was not totally fair in reality!!!I am not going back anymore!!!

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