Today was an ok kind of day. It was not the best or the greatest, but the day was nice. My phone rang a lot today…those telemarketers do not stop! I had to turn off the phone for a while just to get some no phone ringing peace. Thank goodness for answering machines! I was able to answer to those I wanted to answer to anyway.

I did a lot of sleeping today – catching up on sleep I know I lost some time back before last week and the weekend’s flu episode. It is after 11:30 p now and I am so wide awake. Could it be boredom? I think so and also, going to see family Wednesday for Thanksgiving is making things really exciting for me…Two and a half days left before I go see family. YEAH! I am, no doubt, going to miss my friends and my cat while visiting family…believe me.

I really do not have a lot to say tonight. Tomorrow is one day of being busy and Tuesday as well. I hope I will be seeing my friends Tuesday!!!

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