I Do Not Know What To Think Right Now…

The Neighbor Troubles Are Over!!
I just found out in so many words that the neighbor has been evicted and will be moving out the end of January so we will not have anymore troubles with excessive noise and knocks on doors. Finding this out today was both a joy and a feeling of disappointment because now there will be ten to eleven apartments empty (disappointment) and a (joy) because we will not have troubles with the neighbor. I can give it another month of excessive noise and onging lies and such from this neighbor for now because she will no longer be here. Do I sound so horrible?

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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5 Responses to I Do Not Know What To Think Right Now…

  1. Britani18 says:

    Have a great day. Talk to you soon.


  2. wittykitty says:

    Happy Holidays! It was so nice to see you back in my diary. It can be very frustrating when you pay to get a job done and end up having to do it yourself. Luckily you didn’t have to call the cable guy back out. Have a safe and happy holiday.



  3. Thanks very much for your recent comments.

    I am so glad the problem with the neighbor will soon be over. Good way to begin the new year. God bless.

  4. sezrah says:

    excellent news!!!! i’m so glad your troublesome neighbours are going and here’s hoping that in their place you will have wonderful neighbours

    well done on fixing your dvd too, supertech ksmiley!!! :))

    thanks for all your caring comments lately, they mean a lot


  5. Kbabe says:

    Congratulations on figuring the cable thingy out. I’m not mechanically inclined either so when we are able to fix something it’s quite an accomplishment.

    That’s great news about your neighbor. You will be so much happier once she’s gone.


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