I do not know what to title this entry tonight. It is a few minutes after 10 p.m. Friday night and I am kind of tired. In fact, I have been tired all day long, and napping off and on all day long. Bedtime does not seem that far away but I can surely feel it in my bones that sleep will come easy tonight. I had a good day, although lazy. (Took a fifteen minute break from writing)

The time being now at 10:20 p.m., I came back from talking on the phone and playing a game of hand-held yahtzee. Right now I can hear something beating againist the window like rain falling but it is not raining. It is probably water falling from the roof. It sounds like it is raininig sleet! If it is, yuck! Bedtime is definitely closer now, lol, and I am getting sleepy. I shut the phone off but have my answering machine on to listen to all the calls that come in. Bed time is going to be earlier than 12:30 a.m. tonight, I hope, lol.

I will be back tomorrow sometime. Good nigih for now.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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  1. Kbabe says:

    Good morning! I hope you slept well and are ready for a brand new day.


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