Last Entry of the Day — Before Going to Bed

Bedtime isi soon to arrive. This week I have a lot of things to do but yet a break to do my own thing and relax. Right now I am watching a television program called Missing. It was on from 9 to 10 and 10 to 11 p.m. tonight. It is a real good program but somewhat scary. I am doing fine. I have been reading throughout the day a good book written by John Grisham, The street Lawyer. It is very good. He, John Grisham and Mary Higgins Clark are my favorite authors to read and now i am reading John Grisham. I am excited to get the book read and begin reading The Last Juror. I am such a reader and a television watcher these days bht coming this Thursday, I am going to be hitting the books again and studying towards my Accounting degree i have been working so hard to get for the past three years. I am excited about school beginning on the 27th.

I have lost all the feeling of not wanting to talk now. I am bouncing back to myself happy and smiling. Last week was one week that was pretty emotionl but I am bouncing back now. I wish I could say what happened but I do not want to because it is very personal and I do not want to hurt others who were involved in my emotional week. I can say this, though…I am glad it is over nowo and all of us are moving on and in good standing with each other. Hurt is no fun!

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2 thoughts on “Last Entry of the Day — Before Going to Bed”

  1. I had a relaxing day too. I went to church, out to eat, and then came home. I was supposed to have a friend over, but she never called. Oh well, I’m sure she had soemthing else come up and just forgot to call. Have a great week.


  2. Reading is my favourite "winding down" thing to do.

    The ebb and flow of feelings is a normal part of everybody’s life.

    Some days are just days for you to do pretty much nothing at all.


    _|m/ ADM

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