Today, January 24, 2005

Today was not a bad day at all. The temperature was cold but not a bitter cold – thankfully. I had my counseling appointment at 1 p.m. and then met a friend at her place to help her with her computer. My friend wanted me to help her download something onto her computer and get it up and running. Afterwards I was going to meet another friend at the bus depot downtown but we ended up missing each other and coming home at different times. Helping my friend with the computer took a little longer than I expected but it was no big deal. I was glad to help my friend with her computer. I just wonder if I was helping than hindering. I am okay emotionally now. I sure did not feel okay emotionally a while ago. I thought I had gone crazy!

Let me tell you about my counseling appointment. It went well. Getting there was kind of hard due to all the snow and slush, and some icy patches. When I finally got there, I was happy to be in a safe place for the hour. My counselor and I talked about me going back to school and trying a different avenue and method of study, and how hard Accounting is. We also talked about my trip to New Mexico that happened for the Christmas holiday. Our main talk was about school, though. The appointment went very quickly.

I am, now, after 5 p.m., glad to be home safe and warm, and in my apartment. I had to get out of my wet jeans and stuff as soon as I got home because trying to get through a snow bank took me almost a half an hour. After having my tailbone bruised from a fall due to the fact that a snow bank was right on the sidewalk and I fell backwards, hitting my tailbone, I was not going to take anymore chances of getting hurt again. The thought, which was definitely on my mind on Thursday, of filing a claim against the corner gas station was definitely a possibility if something was not done right away. I was so angry and feeling the bruised tailbone’s after affects. I was so very disgusted with the corner gas station – Phillips 66!

Now with time going to be Tuesday morning in a few minutes, it is time for me to go to bed. Emilee Cuddles is waiting patiently for me and I promised to be in bed in a few minutes and with no arguments. I am going to say good night and God bless and be back Tuesday sometime.

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