One Day That Just Did Not Need to Happen!

Today was not a terrible day but something happened that just did not need to happen to a friend of mine toay. Especially today. My friend JT has had a seeing eye dog for a long time, but today was not good for her or her seeing eye dog at all. Her seeing eye dog, Fred, had to be put to sleep because he was so sick with cancer. It was a bad eevning for JT and her friends who all knew Fred. Fred’s cancer was so far that it just was not treatable at all. I was gone tonight, at my friend KW’s to be with other friends who were all sad about Fred’s passing tonight. Having to put an animal to sleep is sad and not wanting an animal to suffer, I still felt bad for my friend JT tonight. This week has been not good for her at all. It was just not good at all. The last time I saw Fred was Friday night when I had spent the night at KW’s and all of our friends were there having a good time chatting and talking, and trying to have a good time. Fred, at that time, was feeling fine, but after hearing about him tonight, I felt horrible because he was not good at all. I know JT would have not wanted Fred to suffer, but it was hard to even think of Fred being gone…even now, a few hours later after his death.

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