It has been a long time since I wrote in my diary but today is one of those days I have plenty of time to write a quick entry. I have a lot of things to write about and share but time is one of the major factors of me not writing ihere or in my One Year Diary I have created some time back. I feel so foolish for not even taking even a couple of minutes to write. I can not no longer promise if I will write my thoughts. I have been so busy with school, friends, and my personal life. In fact, I am at a friend’s apartment right now just to get away from my apartment building before I got corraled into helping a neighbor for any length of time. My friend, who is KW, invited me over to her apartment this morning so later we can go to another friend’s birthday party here at my friend’s building. At the present time I am having fun being away from my place. Emilee Cuddlees is having a field day being by herself, and believe it or not, she might be mad at me, LOL

Anyway, I have a lot to say. So much time has passed since I last wrote, and there have been some changes in my life and my world, that it’s amazing. For two weeks, as of tomorrow (Wednesday), I have been on a medicine called Trazodone to help me sleep and at the same time it is helping my emotions. I am a little more calmer these days, even though at the moment I am dealing with some emotional heat regarding two people who live at KW’s building. Honestly people in such places as TM and GC have to grow up and grow up in a major sense.

What is the heat about? One of the changes in my life is the color of my hair. I am no longer blonde. I now have the color medium reddish brown as my hear color. I love it so much myself, and I have had many comments about it that are good. I did have one comment that put me into some emotional anger. The comment was “looks different”. I said, “thank you and I love it, too” and then she made a comment that was snotty and unkind saying, “I did not say I liked it.” It really bothered me. Then, another tenant of GC’s was walking into the building and she just gave me a look of anger and did not even speak a word. This past Thursday this tenant was talking to KW over the phone, and all KW told her was the fact that I fixed KW’s web page and all this tenant could say “what the h*** is she doing on your computer.” That really bothered me.

So much has happened.

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  1. *~Kristi~*

    There are a lot of people in this world who need to grow up. Unfortunatly we cannot do anything to change them and have to watch them self destruct. All we can do for those people is pray and hope they find the courage in themselves to change and start growing up.

    Its just a terrible that the best of us have to put up with people like them. I know that people who refuse to grow up will only lead themselves down a destructive road and all we can do is standby. Sometimes people see the errors of their behavior, but others dont and they end up in bad lighting in the end.

    Anyway glad that the new medication is working wonders with you. Its wonderful what the medical profession is doing nowadays.

    Glad everything is going well and have fun at the party!

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