My Friday

It has been a good Friday all day long. A little cool and, of course, rainy by the early afternoon, but a good Friday. I got a lot of homework done for the weekend but yet have a little left to do that is due Monday, and I do not like to leave any homework undone any day of the week. I even took time to meet my friend KW at the daycare across the street after she done doing her practicum. When KW and I left the daycare building that is when it begn to rain so I did not go with her to the bus stop across the street. Then when I got home, I literally got back to my homework and got it done before evening when I left to go to a Prophecy Seminar at our Christian School between Milton and Janesville, Wisconsin. That was the end of my end of the night but the beginning of a journey towards knowing God more and his love, and Bible truth I yet have to master. I feel I am off to school at night at the Prophecy Seminar Meeting, but that’s ok because I do need a spiritual lift daily. Who does not agree.

I can not believe that March is gone and April has rolled in. My mom’s birthday was this week’s Tuesday, 3/29, and now my dad’s birthday is this coming Tuesday, 4/5. It is amazing how my parents (divorced and remarried to my step parents) had birthdays so close to each other and be two years apart in age. I have always thought that was so neat.

I really do not have anything more to say tonight so I am off to bed. Good night and God bless you all!

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