My Monday

Today was not so bad, even with the weather cooler and cloudy (overcast skies). I had an appointment with my counselor this afternoon and it went well. After I got home, I got some work done in the online classroom, and played some hand held yahtzee, and watched recorded programs on my DVR (Digital Video Recorder). Even the electricians came and replaced old outlits with newer one, and installed a smoke detector in the bedroom. I was gone when they came in to do that. They did quite a few apartments today and our outside management is bringing up our apartment up to code. Sommers Reality (Bob Sommers) is a fine manager above our onsite manager.

I really do not have a lot to say tonight. I am getting tired and bed sure does sound wonderful right now. I can barely keep my eyes open anymore tonight. It has been a pretty good day all day long. I just wiish that this cloudy (overcast skies) would end. I sure do miss the sunshine and the warm weather that shows that summer is on its way soon.

I think I better go now. I can barely type anything without being so relaxed. Good night and God bless you all!

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2 thoughts on “My Monday”

  1. Wow! You were a busy bee yesterday!

    I do hope that sunny skies come your way soon. It just doesn’t feel like spring until that happens.



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