For the longest now so much emotion has been shared and experienced. I have felt the frustration in my life but it has seemed to disipate and go away, but te feeling seems to play every once in a while even to this day. Dealing with a lot of thought on what I am going to do for myself to get away from all the anxiety has been considered but nothing has been done. A certain feeling comes and goes in regards to some very important people in my life and how is it going to be in the long run as I walk down the road further. I am sick and tired of not being assertive enough! I cannot speak up when it comes to certain things happening in my life. Feelings of being hurt is a big problem for me right now. I have some real good friends and they always let me know if I have to work on something in my life to make my life better. With me not being assertive really has taken its toll on me lately. I have a life beyond this computer of mine but it seems to have robbed me right now because school has taken a lot of my time. There is a world in need of exploring as it was created for me to enjoy by God, and believe it or not, I haven’t explored past my computer and the internet, and school related online activities, and so I am trying to explore beyond the computer now by using time management effectively. I am still working on it. School has been going well here for me. I am a busy gal! Thankfully…

I am so happy right now.

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