What Am I Feeling?

Right now I am angry and wanting to tell a certain man off. This man who states we are girlfriend and boyfriend has not called me for almost two weeks now, which has given me plenty of room to tell him not to ever bother speaking to me again. Yes, I am angry and upset at this man who is supposed to be my boyfriend as he says. If he has a problem with me, then he better do the calling and start asking questions because I haev absolutely no idea what the problem is. A former boyfriend did this very thing to me – not speaking to me for two weeks and in the meantime he was speaking to my friends in the same building without my knowledge or understanding. I felt betrayed by this so-called boyfriend and I feel betrayed all over again and wish never to date again. I have been hurt too many times to even bother with a man in my life beyond friendship. This man who claims we are boyfriend and girlfriend beter fess up to something now or forever hold his peace and we are no longer together. What a jerk and believe it or not I have other choice words in my mind that want to be said but it would not be Christian like for me to do so. Men! What do they want from me?! They always want more from me that they will NEVER GET! What a jerk NV really is!

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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