July 3

Today is my 35th birthday and I am in Arkansas visiting my dad, stepmother. and sister. It is such a beautiful day today! Right now my sister is at work but will be home for dinner. We are having brats and hamburgers for supper for my birthday. Already dad had made me eggs, toast, and sausage for breakfast for me. That was yummy! Ever since I have been here, which was the midafternoon of the 1st, we have been having suppers grilled and everything I have had so far has been tasty and yummy. Griled vegetables? Yep! Very good. I think tonight we are going to see The War of the Worlds but it is going to be a late night show. I am looking forward to it greatly. It will be time spent with my stepmother, sister, and myself. My dad does not want to go. Anyway, this day has been very good. I have gotten a book at Wal-Mart in Rogers, AR yeterday and am just about done with the book already. Mary Higgins Clark’s Where are the Children? is the story I am reading. I won’t be surprised if I have the story finished before I leave to go back home Tuesday – two days from now. Anyway, this has been a great day and it has nothing to do with it being my 35th birthday today.

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