In Arkansas – First Full Day

I went to bed early last night – at 8 p.m.. I could not keep my eyes open anymore after dinner. I was having troubles keeping my eyes open all day long yesterday, lol. I did arrive to Arkansas on time and my stepmother was waiting patiently for me at the top of the second floor of the airport. My dad and sister were waitiing patiently at the bottom – on the first floor when we got off the elevator. I was so glad to have arrived and in one piece. What happened at the airport really got to me a bit. It was hectic and just a long half hour getting to the ticket counter to talk to one of the agents there. Anyway, I got to Arkansas just fine and was ready to begin my first full day.

I got up and showered and got dreased for the day. My Dad, stepmom, and I went to Wal-Mart in Rogers, Arkansas. There Dad gave me some money for my birthday. I did some shopping, only picking up a book, a CD, and a little notebook and pen. After shopping we went home and had lunch. My stepmother is on a diet and so we ate lunch at home. After lunch I began reading the book I had bought, another Mary Higgins Clark book titled Where are the Children? I believe I read eight chapters in a short time. My sister went to work in the morning and will be home later in the afternoon. My sister works for Merle Norman Comestics.

We had supper, veggies and meat on the grill. It was very good and tasty. It was just the four of us tonight for supper. Grandma Skip will be over for supper tomorrow for my birthday.

I went to bed a little later than my first night but that’s ok.

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