Mid Afternoon Thoughts

Ok doke, I did not get up until about noon today. I am one of the laziest people in the world right now. I am still in my pajamas listening to Little House on The Prairie right now and wanting to get some more sleep. Honestly, ever since I left Arkansas I have been going through something aweful emotionally. I believe I am going through depression again and it really gives me to thinking that I am just an emotional roller coaster rigiht now. I am fed up with this emotional roller coaster. I guess I was having too much fun in Arkansas while I was there for four and a half days. Emilee has been a big help but right now she is hiding in the bedroom and sleeping somewhere. I wish she was out here with me. She has been so good for me since I have been back from Arkansas and while I was away in Arkansas. What is going on with me? I feel so blah and sleepy and just wanting to sleep the day away. My what a wonder my world is most of the time. I can not wait for class to begin Tuesday and maybe that is one of my problems!!!!

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