I have had a very busy day and I am still up and working on my computer. So far everything is up-to-date on my computer yesterday and today. I still have a little enthusiasm problem as far as the “new” computer I have now and believe me, it is getting better. This new computer works so much better than my old one and believe it or not, I have been noticing more now what works well on here that DID NOT work well on my other computer. I am practically disgusted with what happened to my other (dead now) computer. I had to spend money on a new computer and believe it or not it could not wait any longer than it already did, and believe me when I say that I had tried telling my stepfather that there were numerous problems with my now old computer but he did think it was missing dll files that caused my CD ROM to act up and quit. I am not mad at my stepfather because we both thought the same thing but after I found out differently, getting a new computer was cheaper than getting my older computer fixed with the numerous problems it developed throughout its life. I am still disgusted for some reason and in reality I should be happy and not disgusted. Can any of my Dear Diary friends explain my little dilemma? Give it a shot and let me know.

Well, my day today was filled with activity both in and out of the home and I really have been more active these past few days. I hate the idea of being cooped up and in my apartment day in and day out. Today I went to Target and Traxler Park (a park near the hospital), and then I went to Prayer Meeting with my friend/ride PK around 7 p.m.. I am not sunburned or anything but because of my fair skin people can tell I had gotten a little bit of sun today. It doesn’t hurt or anything but I can tell myself that I got a little sun. I do burn easily sometimes, lol. If I did get sunburned today I would say I deserved it because of the fact I DID not use sun screen today.

Well, I should be going now. It is late and it is time for bed and I am getting tired. I will be back tomorrow or Friday as tomorrow we will be having some t-storms and I will not be online or have my computer on at all during t-storms. Bye for now and have a great night.

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