No Title Again!

I was hoping to be online ever since my last entry but I have gotten so forgetful and by the time I wanted to really write in my journal another day has gone and passed away so quickly. We have been having such goofy weather lately. YUpdon having to get a new computer and get rid of the old one, I was finally able to get rid of the old this week Tuesday and believe me, the box with the old computer was an eye sore and I was so angry with it dying the way it did. I love my new one very much but I am not used to it yet but I am getting there anyway. With the other computer now gone and being used or dumped by a used computer store, I do have to admit that it is such a beautiful site in my kitchen area. LOL, now I have a used printer to get rid of that I no longer use… That is not so big! Please excuse me if I am complaining here…

Today was a fairly good day. It rained and thundered this morning and my cleaning lady came after 10 a.m. this morning and we got a good start with getting rid of junk in the hallway closet. We filled ten garbage bags of trash and one bag of clothes for Goodwill, and earlier in the evening I took out the garbage in the kitchen waste basket. I am beginning to feel like this apartment of mine is a home and not one big place for clutter and hoarded materials now! I just so much stuff! LOL… Next week my cleaning and I will be doing housecleaning and then in September we will attack the hallway closet some more. All is beginning to shape up here.

Ok eveyone, you might find this strange and I may belong in the nut house but today a couple of friends bought me a baby doll. Her name is Caitlin Marie Karnopp and she was brought home to me today, August 18, 2005. She is a precious little doll! She looks and feels so real! She is only a doll but she is close to the real thing to me and I love her so much. Now I know I belong in the nut house, lol!!!
Caitlin Marie Karnopp (Doll)
Born on August 18, 2005

Well, I better get going. The weather is very iffy right now. I was fortunate to get online for a while today. Bye for now but not forever. Good night and I will write again at my next available time! Love ya!!!!

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  1. Kbabe says:

    That’s part of what I have planned today. I cleaned out my computer desk drawers and kitchen desk drawers last night. They had become such a mess! I took today off work and plan to go through closets, bookshelves and drawers and really clean things out. It’s amazing how much stuff we accumulate over time. It’ll be like spring cleaning just a few months late!

    Have a great day. I hope the weather they’ve been reporting in your part of the country hasn’t come close to where you are.



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