Not much going on right now really. Did not go to church today because I am being a woman again. At this time my world is going in circles and going so fast I can not keep up. I begin class again on Tuesday and I am feeling a little restles and tired from being bored. I feel I am locked up in my own apartment hearing noises that I am yet not familiar with and I have lived here ever since March 1998! We have a new neighbor in the apartment across the hall now and she seems nice bu7t I have barely talked to her since she has moved in. I have talked to her at least twice that I remember. I am even feeling that my mind is forgetting this and forgetting that and I feel like hiding someplace away from here but where would I go? With what funds would I escape with? This one thing I do not like about being a woman. Today, being Saturday Sabbath, here I am at home feeling so blah!

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