September is Here

Today was a fairly quiet day. My phone barely rang. I got a lot of homework done and studying, but I do feel that doing the discussion questions we have for this week were not what I expected. I do have to admit that I did my best and I have been trying very hard. Anyway, today being the 1st of September, I am glad that it has come and is going away to another September day, the 2nd. I have not been writing in my journal here because I have been so very busy with my math class and my personal life outside of class and one on one help. I am happy right now and I feel if anyone tries to bust the happiness I have right now will definitely make me feel real bad and disappointed. I have had an altercation with a friend this week and I had an altercation with another friend a few weeks ago. I just do not need the negativity in my life and believe me. altercations are no fun whatsoever. I believe it could be worse, though. I am just glad the altercation has been taken care of within the same night. I am very happy about that.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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