Another Day Come and Gone

Another day has come and gone. Been busy most of the day. Got up kind of late but was gone by 1 p.m. to get my hair trimmed up a bit at the nearby hair salon down the street. My short hair was beginning to look a little shaggy and was becomming unmanageable and I could not do anything much with it. It looks great now. I had also spent the afternoon with my friend LLD and during the time we were together, we were kind of put into a situation where we were separated and she ended up going home and I was stuck somewhere and having a ride home. I got home safely as I got a ride from a trustworthy friend with stuff that I had bought at the health store down the street from me. At least LLD is fine and we are not angry with each other. We still love each other, lol.

I wish I could sit here and write forever but I am so getting tired. Working on math has been a little more tiresome than I even remember, lol. I am doing fine in math though.

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