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Now with time getting late, I just wanted to check in and get a little something written even though it is not going to be long. I have had one strange week with good and not so good playing in on the same week from Wednesday to today Sunday. I had spent the night at my friend’s parents place with her and her husband, sister and daughter, and another friend. In fact, I am not even sure if this one person can really be considered a friend the way she treats her friends from time to time and how she makes me and my frieds feel a lot of the time. I have always questinoed my friends as to why they allow this one friend to be the way she is but then again my friends are the ones who have to tell this person to back off and shut up and stop treating her friends like they are stupid, slow, and what else a true friend does not do to another friend. This one person, in my eyes, again has screwed up what friendship I wish to have with her and believe me, this weekend I wanted to give her a good whack along side her head to show her that her so called business needs to stop and maybe she will get the message that a lot of people do not like her because she is got one big mouth and her suggestions and complaints are getting a little old and sound so childish. Also, my friends have to be the ones to walk away from the negativity themselves and I am not the one who tells them to do so because we are grown ups and we need to live our lives. Sometimes I wonder if my friends like neativity

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