Taking A Few Minutes

I am taking another break from my schoolwork and will be getting back to it later — tomorrow. I am done with math for the evening. I do know that I will be looking off and on in my math class to see if anyone has posted anything but that is as far as I am going to go for now. I am not exactly mathed out right now but am going to take a break for the evening. Anyway, the Aleks website is acting very goofy according to my internet surfing and I am just about ready to shoot the Aleks website to bits and pieces. I am done with my homework for week four now…just waiting for replies on seeing if I did the problem correctly or not or halfway right. Emilee is such a card when it comes to trying to do my school work anyway…she just lays down on my math book or lays on my homework so I can not see it. She just drives me bananas, but she is my pride and joy no matter what. Right now she is laying my homework, and believe me, it is ok right now.

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