WOW – My World Has BEEN Busy!

I do have to admit that December has been busy. This month, already going further on to the 4th of January, has already proven to me to be busy and full of activity every single day – whether I stay home or not. I know it has been a long time since I have had taken the time to write in my journal but definitely being busy has a lot to do with my little absence. I realize now that I may have only written in my journal three times last month – last year! Being busy is my life today. Anyway, a lot of things have happened since I last wrote, when I returned home from my little Christmas vacation. In fact I feel I came home to a “hell” I can not explain very well without getting upset still. I even dread the idea of my cleaning gal coming Thursday morning! That is what I mean by coming home to a little “hell” but I am still living here and intend to not move out of here. Some people just do not know how to listen anymore than I do once in a great while – selective hearing so to speak. Anyway, I do believe that the “hell” I came home to has been mended and fixed for the time being. It was all about the cat litter smell getting into the hallway while I was away. Some people just live to complain and get people into trouble and I have a feeling I know who has been complaining about this and that. I do not think there is a problem anymore.

Now with 2006 in the works, I just have been busy working here and there in school and my personal life – getting my life straightened out. I do have to admit that I need to clean my house and do my laundry, lol. TOday was one of those days – nothing was done whatsoever as planned yesterday!

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  1. Plans rarely last beyond writing them down in the morning. Which is why I’m not very good at using them, yet I make or buy one each year. Strange and funny. 🙂


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