Getting Back On Track

Today was one day I had done my things and had no worries about the world except to deal with my things of my world. It was time for myself and myself alone – got a lot done today. Had no phone calls today except for a couple of expected calls I knew I would take, even though one of the calls that was not heard was a call my friend Kelly made at 12 noon! I missed that call because I was out like a lightbulb, lol. I was so happy to have time for myself all day long and now I am thinking about retiring to bed for the night in a short while. This is what i was thinking about all day long:
1. I need to give myself a day or two for myself and not take any phone calls unless I am expecting them like my 12 noon call that was missed due to sleeping soundly.
2. My homework for the last week of class
–Did not attend class until afternoon as I was spending time with self and giving time to self.
3. What my plans for tomorrow
1. Shopping for new television and VCR
2. Shopping on list for supplies.
4. What I can do for others.

I know that it isn’t much, but my world has been in chaos and confusion for the past two weeks and I just need to spend time with myself more often and not worry about anything but self as Kristi time has been put on hold way too long.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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  1. kaliko88 says:

    I tried once, scheduling everything in my daily routine, and following it. It didn’t work, and I always got discouraged by what I didn’t get done. Now I just try to concentrate on what I get done. The rest gets done eventually. I’m in no great hurry. 🙂


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