I just want to tell my cleaning lady she is so fired! I am getting to the point of yelling and screaming at her for being so stuck on one particular thing in my home which is the cat odor smell here. My cat is fifteen years old and she poops and pees in her cat box and no where else that I know of since I am home ALL the time around here and do not go over night to a friend’s house too often. I am cleaning Emilee’s litter box everyday and washing it out every week on Wednesday or Thursday. I do have to admit that I am getting better at organization and cleaning so I give my cleaning lady a thumbs on that part. I have, for the past few weeks since I have returned home from Aunt Jackie’s at Christmas, crying a lot and have been literally afraid of my cleaning lady and other things that are involved in this whole matter.

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  1. Honey says:

    You are afraid of your cleaning lady? Sorry but I’d have to get another person to clean for me.

    Good luck with her. That could help. Could be your cat has a strong urine odor. What about putting a ‘stick up’ air fresherner by the cat’s littler box? It’s worth a try.


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