It has been a fairly good day. The weather indeed cold outdoors. We have snow on the ground from last Thursday’s snowstorm we had and it is still cold enough indoors to have the heat on. Anyway, despite the cold weather I went to the RAC to workout for a half an hour and then took my shower there and came home. Even though I am not in any classes yet after finishing five weeks of Economics, I am studying, reviewing, and reading up on the Accounting book I will be using for Financial Accounting 1 class. I am, at this point, not bored too death reading up on accounting for when my next class begins March 7th. Yes, I am still happy with the two weeks of vacation from classes. I deserve them both. I worked real hard in Economics to receive the B-!

My muscles ache slightly but too bad. I have to keep moving in order for those muscles not to sit still too long and ache to the point of madness. Otherwise I am doing great!

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