The Cruelest Thing That Could Ever Happen!

Oh my goodness…how can I put this? The cruelest thing has happened to me and believe me, my heart aches over it because words were read on a piece of paper. Those words, which I will repeat only once here now were: “I am in a cult” “I ama bad Christian” “You bitch”. These words, all of them, tugged at the ol’ heart strings, stinging me so harshly and hurtfully. I know for a fact that I am not in a cult, I am not a bad Christian, and I am not a bitch. None of the words were true and yet these words hurt me emotionally enough to still be on the front burner of my mind. What is worse is the fact that the first name of the person who sent those words on paper to me was on the envelope with his address. If it was my ex-boyfriend I will definitely be po’d more so than hurt emotionally as I have been for the past day and a half now. I had a police officer come over to take down information and he took the envelope with the note on paper and the person was not home. There will be a follow up on the matter. My heart tells me I did the right thing because no one has the right to harass anyone at any given time. When it comes to my beliefs and my Christianity, it is no one’s business whatsoever. I know I am not in a cult, I am not a bad Christian, and I am definitely not a bitch. I know I can be bitchy sometimes, but not a bitch in so many words. What happened yesterday was a cruel and nasty prank I have ever dealt with, and it is the worst prank I have ever had dealt with. It is disgusting and nasty and so cruel to down one’s beliefs and feelings about God. I do not have to explain my feelings to anyone about God to prove that I am a good or bad Christian. God knows who I am and what I am like, and I know for a fact that I don’t always make him happy even though he loves me dearly. It was just an awful prank I wish never to deal with again. It tugs at the ol’ heart strings! The person that did this to me has a mind of a bastard who can not live his own life without hurting others no matter if this person does happen to be an ex boyfriend of mine from years ago. I do believe that this person needs a life and get himself out of the nastiness he lives in. This person needs to grow up and get a life and that life should not have me included anymore. What a jerk and a creep this guy was. I hope he gets in trouble one day and learns what it is like to have to deal with this troubles.

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